Logan Mclellan looking to bring Customer Service to Egmont

October 02, 2019

Conservative candidate Logan McLellan cites his job as a financial advisor as the reason he decided to run to represent the riding of Egmont in the upcoming federal election.

“I was noticing a lot of service issues,” he said. “In my industry there would be a lot of different things coming to my table from the Government of Canada. My clients would say ‘I would need help with this,’ ‘I would need help with that,’ and I would say ‘That’s a good job for an MP,’ but things were not getting done, so I decided to throw my hat in the ring.”


Mr McLellan was raised in Summerside, and started working in the financial industry after leaving high school, where he specializes in pensions.

This is his first foray into politics, and at the age of 26, he’s one of the younger candidates. He’s been involved with politics behind the scenes for about a year, but has always had an interest in the subject.

He said he understands the process and how important it is in a society.

“One of the reasons why I jumped into federal politics is I think there needs to be someone fresh,” Mr McLellan explained. “I don’t think the career politicians are really going to cut it anymore, and people who are just following politics for politics. I think we have to have some substance to it.”

On the campaign trail, Mr McLellan has been speaking to residents to find out what they feel are the important issues for the area.

Cost of living is one issue that comes that’s come up several times. He said initiatives to help with this matter include removing the carbon tax and removing the GST from heating. 

Housing is also a topic that’s been broached numerous times. On this matter, Mr McLellan said this is an issue that should be taken to a local level.

“I think we have to work with the developers and the provinces (to find out) ‘Why isn’t this getting built?’ ‘What can we do to make this easier for you?’ ‘What are the barriers of entry that you’re struggling to get into right now?’ These are things we have to do, we have to work directly with the developers.”

When asked for a timeline on when these projects would be implemented, he said the process would begin right away.

During a campaign, a lot of promises can be made, and while a party or politician can make some of these promises a reality, sometimes they break those promises.

When asked what should happen if a party or politician cannot make good and breaks a campaign promise, Mr McLellan’s answer was short, but direct.

“They should be fired,” he said. “For myself on the campaign, locally, the only promise I’ve been making is that I will work as hard as I can to work for (residents) on the ground, and I want to put them first.”

Mr McLellan wants to bring better customer service into politics to help people move these issues along.

“I’ve come across situations where stuff has sat in limbo for years, sat on people’s desks,” he said. “I think an effective MP should be able to move things along a little bit quicker. It’s not ‘We’re going to get into this and we’re going to fix it right away, it’s one of those things we need to work toward, and I think that’s something I’ve been really pushing from the start.”